Add "to_emails" data while creating Freshdesk ticket through API

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We have recruitment to create an app.
The app should create a new ticket in Freshdesk with some use-cases, so, is there any option to include “to_emails” data while creating a Freshdesk ticket through the API.

We can populate the “to_emails” data in the “cc_emails” fields, but the prospect is expecting it in the “to_emails” field.

Can anyone help with this?



Just curious to understand the use case. Why is not sufficient for the emails to be populated in cc_emails, but needed in to_emails ?

Meanwhile, I will try to explore the possibilities as well.

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Hi @Saif,

Thanks for your response, the customer is very particular about the to_email field.

I believe @Hem will be aware of this requirement, we already had a call with him couple of days ago.

Hi @Hem can you please help with this?

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Hi @Siva,

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Freshdesk Ticket Creation API does not have to_emails property in the payload. However, it has nearly all the important fields required to satisfy the intent of creating a ticket via email.

For Instance:

Under Settings > Support Channels > Email, you can create support mailboxes like so:

Each email can have the following settings (or email configs for a particular email)

Upon creating a ticket by sending an email to this ID, I would have the following ticket shown in Freshdesk

As you can see, we end up creating a ticket with the support mailbox email id in the to field and the group rightly assigned under the Assign to ticket property.
The primary intents at this stage could be :

  • To just create the ticket
  • To create and assign the ticket to a particular group
  • To create, assign the ticket to a particular group and also to a product.

and so on. Also, this is exactly where @Saif requested for a use-case to understand the situation in a much better way

All of the above settings can be satisfied via the ticket creation API. In fact, there is even a email_config_id that can associate the settings of a particular support email during ticket creation via API

The below image is a representation of how the email settings map to API. Refer the doc for complete payload struct -

  • You can make use of the email_config_id (pertaining to the email ID that you would want to see in the to email field of a ticket. You can obtain them from here to automatically assign group and associate with the product. This is represented in blue
  • You can just make use of the product_id field if you wish to associate with a product. This is represented in purple
  • You can just make use of the group_id field if you wish to assign it to a group. This is represented in yellow
  • You can make use of cc_emails to notify concerned folks as well

As you can see, the API already fulfills the primary intents in this scenario. Let me know if this was helpful. What we would love to hear about is the use-case & the challenge that you are facing if the above can’t be met with API.


Hi @Hem,

Thank you so much for the brief response.

Thank you,

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