📢 Announcing Early-Access Program: Custom Objects

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Custom Objects - Early Access Program

Freshworks products provide businesses with an extensive set of out-of-the-box native objects to store, manage, process, and use information. Nonetheless, it is impossible to deliver an all-encompassing object collection that meets all businesses’ end-to-end data needs. Custom Objects on our app development platform presents our customers with the much-needed bridge between native objects and their data needs.

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While building an app, this feature enables developers to define specific entities for a business purpose or requirement. The entity (schema) definition and its use in the app would allow businesses to create and store multiple records belonging to the same entity. The app can process these records into meaningful information to meet the business requirement.

:biking_man:t3:‍♂Check out our demo recording to understand how apps can utilize Custom Objects.

We present the case of a business that uses an app to capture delivery requests from its customers and creates corresponding tickets in Freshdesk. When the ticket is created, a custom app that uses the Custom Objects feature (through an appropriate entity definition) captures the delivery request’s data. The custom app processes the data into meaningful insights and helps agents analyze the requests before concluding whether to reject or accept the delivery request.

:arrow_double_down: Sign up: Early Access Program - Custom Objects

We are rolling out an Early Access Program (EAP)1 for app developers who want to leverage this feature to build business targeted apps. Sign-up for the EAP mentioning the use-case you have in mind, and we will reach out to you with information on how to leverage this feature.

Note: 1EAP is currently available for FreshDesk Customers in Forest Plan and Developer Accounts for building Custom Apps. We intend to extend it to all Freshworks products eventually.