App Review process to list app on Freshworks Marketplace

If you are reading this Wiki article, thanks for considering building a solution for every sales, support,IT, HR and marketing team. This article will describe what it takes for an app to become to be published on Freshworks Marketplace.

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Businesses those use Freshworks software are the ones who look forward to do better with sales, marketing, support, IT, and HR teams. Apps are fundamental form of customizability that every user of Freshworks’ software would love to use and trust grow own business.

We take this factor seriously. So we have app review process in place to help the developer to have his/her app reach Business’ expectations; also making it easier for the Businesses to trust & rely on apps when needed.

App review process

App review process ideally takes 2 weeks of time and may get longer based on any comments those need to be addressed by the app developer.

Marketplace Listing

App submission

  1. Have your app follow the app development guidelines.
  2. From the Freshworks’ product account find the apps section and log in to App submission portal. For example, look the steps to publish a Freshdesk app. You can find similar steps for every Freshworks’ product’s Marketplace listing section of their App SDK documentation.
  3. Make sure, app follows the listed content guidelines.

Post submission

App supposedly will go through 3 phases of reviews in parallel each submission.

  1. Code Review for source code and security
  2. Quality Assurance – Testing the app functionality to make sure general web security guidelines are followed.
  3. Content review

Our App reviews team will reach out to you for further discussion if something can be improved.

  • Developer will be contacted through the email provided during the review process for clarification and demo of the app functionality.
  • App might show ‘Rejected’ status on the App submission portal. Proper reason will be provided and can be discussed via a project management tool called Freshrelease.
  • App can be re-submitted again once required aspects have been addressed.

Once the process is complete, app will be successfully published on to the marketplace.


  1. As you use Freshworks CLI, fdk validate is an command that will help show any improvements needed for the app before app is packed to a zip file.
  2. Do not cancel or submit the app while the app is in review. Only use it if necessary.
  3. Feel free to ask for clarification or any suggestion if app is rejected. Tag the respective reviewer in your reply to notify them.
  4. Provide active email address or support email. This information will helpful to Freshworks App reviews team or the Customer themself to reach out to you for any help.

We are constantly trying to improve the app review process. Please share any feedback that will help in making this process more seamless.