App Server invoke error when packaged but not dev

Locally when running dev mode my server invoke runs fine. When I deploy the package into my instance of Freshdesk it receives an error when invoking but the logs are not extensive enough or shows what error is occurring… How can I debug this?

@Tyler to clarify are you using server method invocation ? Or any other event ?


Server Invoke via client.request.invoke

To add some more clarification. I decided to log the aws-sdk I imported (its also in manifest under dependancies) and it is an empty object, so aws-sdk isnt working in freshdesk serverless. I was hoping to use the appsync sdk but its a no go. gave up and used rest calls, removed all aws imports.

@Tyler Thank you for sharing an update on this as you make progress.
As you will note from our documentation on Server Method Invocation (SMI), the app only gets 5s to complete executing the method. Given the AWS-SDK is a really large dependency, we have noticed in the past that it takes up a sizable chunk of time and therefore leads to a timeout of the method before it can complete its execution.

Our apologies for not making this case easier to troubleshoot.

You can try using the specific dependencies in the npm that you really need (as opposed to importing the whole package) and thereby reducing the load-time for the same.
Hope this helps.