Cannot clear 'vendor' field on Assets, nor associate a product with a vendor via API


We did an initial import of all our devices assigning the Vendor attribute. I would like to clear that value, however I cannot find any way to via the API. If I send ‘null’, I get a response that the field requires an integer. If I send 0, I get an error that there is no vendor with ID of 0.

I have automation that will create a new product if one does not exist for the device I’m looking to add. However, as I cannot find any way via API to associate a vendor to a product, I do not want to use the vendor field the way the initial import was done (the group who did the import decided to create a vendor for the device manufacturer).

Is there a way to clear the vendor field on an asset via the API?

Hi @Jason_Grimme . I’m afraid that as of now, there is no such API; I understand that nullifying the value should be possible via ‘update’ API and raised it with the product team. Thanks.