Community Hours 30th June 2022: End-User Apps for Freshworks Developers

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We invite you to attend our fifth "Community Hours" session and join our experts to know how you as a developer can build apps for the end-user customers. End user apps let you create custom apps or use any 3rd party app from the Freshworks Marketplace and integrate them with Freshdesk customer portals. Customers can view/edit or access information that is relevant to them without going through multiple steps.

Here’s the documentation where you can learn more about the end-user apps.


End-User Apps for Freshworks Developers


Raghuvaran Viswanathan - Senior Product Manager at Freshworks (Follow Raghu)
Teja Kummarikuntla - Developer Advocate at Freshworks (Follow Teja)


30th June 2022
5:30 pm IST (India)| 2:00 pm CET| 1:00 pm GMT (London)
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  1. Why End-User Apps was needed - story behind it
  2. What are End-User Apps? Relevant use case
  3. How is it relevant for developers and customers
  4. Discover the difference between the app development process for agent-focused apps and end-user apps
  5. Sharing what’s possible with End-user apps with feature-level walkthrough along with documentation
  6. How to build your first end-user app
  7. Demo session

Freshworks developers can now build apps for end-user customers too. Register for the community hours and get a hands-on experience of building an End-User App.

We have also launched the EAP program for End-User Apps and you can now build apps for customer-facing portals in Freshdesk.


You can also have your question ready beforehand, as we have a live Q&A during the session, where our fantastic DevExperts will be answering all of your questions.

Can’t attend live? You should still register. We’ll share the recording after the session.
Looking forward to seeing you at the next event!


Did you register for the session on the 30th, Thursday? We are doing a deep dive on End-User Apps where we will take you through how end-user apps let customers/end users access relevant info they need when they need it. Make sure to block your calendar so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with Freshworks developers.


Topic: End-User Apps for Freshworks Developers
Date: June 30th, 2022
Session hosts: @Raghuvaran_Viswanath and @tejakummarikuntla
Time: 5:30 pm IST (India)| 2:00 pm CET| 1:00 pm GMT (London)
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