CORS issue on Local Host


I am trying to call the GoodData API in my apps, and it has CORS issues on localhost. This is the GoodData docs about how to deal with the problem: Deal with Cross-Origin Issues · GoodData.UI.
I have tried to solve the issue with option 1: SetupProxy, however, it seems that the setupProxy is never called from the app. I have asked in another topic here setupProxy.js does not work inside React App - App Development - Freshworks Developer Community.
I also tried the second option. I have asked GoodData Support to enable CORS to the localhost:10001. They have added that (you can see in the picture below) however, it still won’t work and I really don’t know why. GD side suggests using an alias for localhost such as local.test, however, I do not know how to do that since we run the app with the fdk, and I believe it is high risk if I change the code in fdk without understanding it. Do you have any comments on this?

Thank you.

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Can you try using Ngrok (Secure tunneling) to bypass these cors issues. Also, try to use the Request Method to make API calls

Let me know if this helps