Crafting a perfect project submission for the app challenge

So you are ready to draft your submission for this app challenge?

It is fair to step back and acknowledge that you are participating in an online app challenge. If you have participated in an in-person hackathon before — you have the luxury to present to the Judges about the project you’ve built. Your presentation skills, a demo of the project, and team’s ability to answer Q & A in-person give you the ability to persuade Judges within the allocated time.

In an entirely online scenario, we must demonstrate everything meeting the Judging criteria.

Submit on Freshworks App Management portal

Before going to Devpost to submit your project, you must submit your app’s source code via the App Management Portal, and you should collect the app ID.

Please read the following page on how you can do it:

Note that, as soon as you submit the app on the Freshworks app management portal, the system will automatically check for code coverage and other details and put the app under ‘Rejected’ Status. The status of review on the app submission portal is optimized to ensure and guide you to build and submit quality apps to the Marketplace. This still means your app is submitted successfully and you can move forward to making a submission on Devpost.

Making a Submission on Devpost

To start your submission, please refer to this page:

The app ID you submit will link your presentation of devpost with your submission on the app management portal. As you reach the Additional Info stage of your submission:

  1. Enter the App ID
  2. Check the box if you used Custom Objects


  1. Ensure the video you attach to your submission presents you explaining the project to a judge.
  2. Ensure the video link shared to be accessible by us. One way is to upload the demo video and make it unlisted on youtube.
  3. Start the submission process as early as possible; you will have time to recognize improvements early and become prepared.
  4. Once you describe your project well at the Project Details Step, ensure it answers all the aspects of Judging Criterion.

That’s all! All successful submissions are eligible for an Entrepreneurs prize pool of $10,000. :gift: