Custom Object : #BuildToWin Contest - Category Management

Hey Community!

I am super excited to share the Custom Object app which I developed for the #buildtowin contest

Custom Objects for Category-Item Management
Category Management has become a crucial part of all e-Commerce industries.
Each item and category will have unique information. From the Freshdesk agent’s point of view, he/she should be able to get all the information related to the particular item and its category. The Custom object feature will help us to connect the bridge between different entities and provides a global view.


  1. Customer reaches out to the support team asking for the availability of a particular product or the status of the product ordered.
  2. Support agents will be looking at our full-page app for the availability of the item.
  3. Items are categorized based on type. There will be multiple branches for a company. Some branches may have all the items and some may not.
  4. With our unified dashboard, the support agent can search for the particular item and its availability.
  5. If the item is available, the agent can revert back to the customer with the branch and item details.
  6. If the stock is not available, the support agent can request internally for more stocks using the app.
  7. When a request is made, a ticket will be created internally for tracking purposes. Once the ticket is resolved, the availability will be updated in the custom objects.


  1. Bulk addition of Categories/items.
  2. Individual category/item creation.
  3. Request for additional items.
  4. Global view of all the categories and items.
  5. Global view of internal tickets requested for more stocks.

App Location

  1. Full page

Entities Schema
Category :

  1. ID
  2. Name
  3. Image URL
  4. Items id

Items :

  1. item id
  2. category id
  3. Name
  4. Price
  5. Quantity
  6. Icon

Screenshots :

1. Bulk add categories and items

View all categories

Create new category and item

View all items under a category

Add item in a category

List of tickets created for requested items:

This is awesome! Great work! We have been working on a UI that is more user-friendly & have not gotten to this point yet. I am new to development & would love some pointers.


Hello @Gautham_Anantharaj,

This is incredible and extremely relevant many situations. Great work. Has sparked in me some ideas on how I could possibly implement this into our instance of freshservice. Awesome job!!! :tada:


@BethanyWesley You can make use of the Crayons UI kit for building the frontend. Pl. do check it out!

We also have sample apps that demonstrate its usage in Freshworks apps here

There’s also a cheat for custom objects that might come in handy


Thanks, @BethanyWesley.

I haven’t concentrated much on the UI part. It’s still under development. Will enhance the UI using our Crayons tool as @Hem suggested and will share the same.


Thanks @Zach .
Great! There are many more scenarios like this where we can bridge using the custom objects.


Thank you!! I didn’t know about the cheat I will check it out ASAP

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I think it looks great and congrats on winning!!!