Custom Object : #BuildToWin Contest Salesforce Sync

Custom Objects Sync for Salesforce

What it does:

I have taken a sync use case for build an app for #buildToWinContest. The app which I built will be able to sync custom objects from Salesforce to Freshdesk.


The customer has two set of teams one will be using the Salesforce and the other team will be using Freshdesk. Order data will stored as custom objects in Salesforce and Freshdesk. Both the team will be needing the Order related information. Whenever a ticket is raised the agent will first check the list of objects available and will take action based on the information available. In some cases a new order may be created directly in Salesforce which will be sent to Freshdesk via Apex Triggers and an Object will be created in Freshdesk. In Freshdesk creating,deleting,updating objects will be restricted based on Roles. The Roles can be configured in the App’s setting page.

App functionality:

In the custom app’s setting page the admin will be able to configure the Object which has to be synced from Salesforce and will also be able to map the Freshdesk custom objects fields with the Salesforce custom objects.Roles can also be selected in the app’s settings. Based on the selected roles the full page will be displayed to user. In the full page app the user will be able to Create an Object, delete an Object and Update an Object. The app also has the functionality to import excel and create several objects from the excel data.
They can also get the export the available list of Objects.
The app will also be displayed in the ticket sidebar where the agent can search an order for which the ticket was raised and then they can link the object to that specific ticket. They can view the entire order information in the ticket sidebar modal.



  • Apex Triggers to Sync objects.

  • Role based Objects access.

  • Link Objects with ticket entity

  • Import Objects directly using Excel (User can export directly from Salesforce and use the import feature to import Objects in Freshdesk).

  • Export directly from Freshdesk.

App Locations:

  • Full Page - To manage custom objects
  • Ticket Sidebar - To Link custom objects and to view Object related information
  • Serverless - To create and update custom objects from Salesforce

Entity Schema:


  • Order Id

  • Order Owner

  • Order Status

  • Order Type

  • Order Name

  • Shipping Country

I have used React to build the entire front-end for this app :innocent: