DoDo - Google Tasks Integration

What is it:

An app to

  1. Free up your mental space
  2. Organize it all.
  3. Aligns with Freshworks culture “Take Ownership”, “Happy work environment” by better planning.

Do Do

This app lets freshservice agents login to their Google account and then let them create, read, delete tasks andc tasklists.


  • fdk - Freshworks Developer Kit

How to run the app?

Clone this app with git client. Add the client_id , client_key , key of your google app in the sample_oauth_config.json and add the contents in it to config/oauth_config.json . Start the app using the command,

fdk run

Testing the app

Then login to your domain . Test the app as mentioned here.


  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • css
  • Google Tasks api (of-course)

The amazing team behind the app:

This looks great. Would be awesome to have the same functionality for Outlook Tasks as our Office hopped on the O365 train. :slight_smile:

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