Duplicate note added inconsistency in freshdesk

Hi Team,

Scope is: The freshservice ticket copy is going to add in freshdesk when status is changed in freshservice.

Code step:

  1. Create ticket in freshdesk.
  2. Update ticket field in freshdesk.
  3. Add private note in freshdesk.
  4. fetch all public note by freshserivce ticket id.
  5. Iterate freshserivce note one by one to add in freshdesk.(Each iteration we will check that conversation username has exist in freshdesk, if username not exist, we can create a user then after add note and also check the note notifier email is also exist or not, then we will also add)

We have recieved response inconsistency
ex code like:

notes = [conv1, conv2];
for loop...

...Here is some api call's are perform...

console.log("Add note...");
request.post(options, (res, err, body)=>{
end loop...

The response be like:

Add note...
Add note...

Thank you.

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