๐Ÿ“ฃ EAP for End-user apps in customer-facing portals

Freshworks developers can now build apps for end-user customers too :tada:

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Early Access Program for End-user apps, where developers can build apps for customer-facing portals in Freshdesk.

The Early Access Program is an opportunity for participating developers to try out, collaborate, test, and validate their use cases on our sprouting developer platform.

As a part of this program, the developer will get their Freshdesk portals enabled to install and run End-user apps.

How to join the EAP

Visit to learn more and be sure to enroll in the EAP program. We will enable the Freshdesk account to build/use End-user apps and notify you shortly.

How to create an End-user application

With the FDK version 8.2.0 or above, developers can build, install and publish end-user apps for Freshdesk.

  1. Update FDK to 8.2.0 version or above.
  2. Run fdk create in an empty folder
  3. Choose Freshdesk
  4. Select your_first_visitor_app template or optionally, you can create the template at one command
    fdk create โ€“products freshdesk โ€“template your_first_visitor_app.
  5. Execute fdk run

Head over to the customer portal and append ?dev=true to view the app running in the appropriate placeholder.

Also, explore our Sample apps which are built to introduce end-user apps, demoing a few features introduced for end-user apps.


The documentation covers everything about End-user apps and their features. Learn about various placeholders we support and detailed information on Interface Methods, Event Methods, and Data Methods, SMI usage.

Community Hours

As we launch the EAP, our upcoming Community Hour on 30th June will be everything about End-user apps and their impact on customers and developers. Register to book your slot.

Support and Feedback

While we are in the EAP, we anticipate issues and feature gaps. For any problems, feedback, or feature request, please create a new topic in our developer community forum tagging end-user apps, freshdesk, and feel free to comment for any clarification.



Thanks for sharing this and this will definitely going to help us a lot.
Can we check the sample app link as this is not working currently.



Thank you @Sachin_Kumar , the sample apps repo should be accessible now.

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