Events are not being called in app while in dev mode


When installing an ‘in dev’ app into freshdesk - the events are not being fired at all.
Meanwhile if I publish the app into the Developer portal,- the events work just fine.

platform-version : 2.2

Hi @rimvydas ,

To simulate product events for local testing, please follow: Product Events

Simulating events work normally. What Im trying to do is install the dev app into the system to work with actual events and they’re not firing.

Installation of dev app in gallery is for simulation iparams/custom iparams page. for testing app rendering we have to attach ?dev=true to the url and for production events we need to use http://localhost:10001/web/events . And as mentioned in the doc:

if you need an actual ticket/contact to be created, then it is recommended to publish your app as a custom app and test the operation manually.