Events for Solution/Article creation

I got the task to create a notification (Slack) whenever a new solution article gets published.

I would like to create another app with FDK to accomplish this task.

I know the OnTicketCreate or OnTicketUpdate events for Tickets. Is there something similar for Solutions/Articles? I didn’t find anything in the FDK documentation

Good Day!
Currently, there is no product event supported for the Solutions/Articles.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thank you
It doesn’t really help but at least I know now that there is nothing.


This is what is confusing to me, you say there is no supported solutions/articles for this functionality but other apps have it such as Slack as an example. So clearly there is a way to do it. Please could a developer respond with more information on how we can also do this?

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I am also very interested in being able to do this.