`Exception occurred while validation: Line 101: Unexpected token` during fdk run/pack/validate

Can anyone encountered this error (Exception occurred while validation: Line 101: Unexpected token) while performing any of the below action:
fdk run
fdk pack
fdk validate
If so, please help me to resolve this issue. I’m not sure why it is occurring.

Hello @rajezz, are you using a supported version of Node.js? Currently the supported version is 10.18. Just a thought.

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yes, I’m using node v10.18. 1.

It is impossible to tell why this occurs without looking at your source code. If you’re seeing the error when you run it locally as well, then it might be a syntax issue in your code.


Adding on to @Zach, @ashwins93, it would help if you can share the source code as well @rajezz. All the commands that you mentioned involve validation.

You can also run the FDK in debug mode to get detailed errors


Thank you @Zach, @ashwins93, @Hem for helping me with this issue.
I resolved the issue. This issue occurred because i used spread operator (…) in iparams.html which is not supported by fdk I think.