Fdk pack ok but zip is empty

when i use commande fdk pack, successfull an zip is create but zip is empty ! why ?
Thanks in advance

hey @Eric_Menczynski,

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by ZIP is empty, do you mean you were able to generate the zip using FDK pack and tried to unzip the file and found it was empty? could you also let us know about the size of the ZIP file?

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hi Velmurugan, see attached image, please.

I use fdk pack command, then dist directory is create and zip file (size 2531). But when I open the zip file it is empty.
Do you have a solution ?

Or, if command fdk validate is successful, can I create the zip manually ?

Thanks in advance, stay save !


Unfortunately you cannot create the ZIP manually, could you please send us the ZIP or a drive link to the zip file for us to look at it?
note: kindly use the Direct Message feature here to send us the file instead of posting in this thread.

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Hello, you can donwload zip here https://tinyurl.com/y4a9wzql
Thanks in advance

hey @Eric_Menczynski

The bluenote - Formation zIp does have files inside, please refer the screenshot below, kindly use the same ZIP file to upload to the developer portal

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