FDK v6.2.4 - Added Freshcaller serverless app template, assets loaded securely, few validation fixes, and other fixes



Added your_first_serverless_app template for Freshcaller product on fdk create command.


FDK templates
  1. When creating a new app from the templates using fdk create command, your_first_serverless_app will be available to choose and create the boilerplate serverless app and start the development.
  2. Some of the templates were missing some test data payloads which has been identified and added. All the apps for all the applicable products created from the fdk create command will have all the required test data in the serverless component.
FDK assets loaded securely over HTTPS

Most of the assets used in the FDK are loaded over HTTPS resources for more security. This does not require any changes from the users’ end apart from updating the FDK to the latest version.

Kindly update the FDK to the latest version using the fdk version command