Filtering "Solution articles" in Freshdesk portal by Dropdown menu


We have a request for portal customization and the requirement is to filter the Solution articles based on the dropdown in the portal.

Can anyone help us with how to filter solution articles using a “Dropdown” in the portal?
Should I use V2 API for it?

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Hi Siva,

I am not sure if you’re referring to any existing drop-down in the portal or any custom drop-down to filter the solution articles. Do you mean any other way of doing this?

The frontend apps can only be loaded in the locations mentioned here. So, it’s not possible to have a custom drop-down using a frontend app.

This V2 API can be referred to search the solution articles based on a keyword.

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Hi Raviraj,

It is portal customization. The screenshot from our domain is attached (it’s for demo).

We have created a drop-down in the portal if any country value is selected from the drop-down, then the solution article should be filtered based on the selected value.

If India is selected, then articles related to India should be displayed
If Australia is selected, then articles related to Australia should be displayed.

In the above case should I use V2 API for filtering?

Our domain -

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This is possible in the portal customization. jQuery can be used in the the custom drop-down handler. Freshdesk V2 API can be used, for sure.

If you have any specific queries on the portal customization, please reach-out to for further help on the customization.

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Thanks for the solution @Raviraj.

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