Get detailed status history/ticket activities of a Freshdesk ticket via API

In the Freshdesk web interface you can show/hide a ticket’s activities, i.e. its status history etc. In the API documentation I can’t find anything about this. Is it possible to retrieve a ticket’s history, specifically the timestamps of its status changes, via the API? We would like to analyse for how long tickets stayed in each status.

Hello @florian.ziegler,

You maybe able to see what you are looking for by embedding “stats” in the url when you make your api request.

Another option is to use Time Entries for tickets.

Just a couple ideas to try. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Zach,

we’re already using the include=stats parameter, but that doesn’t give us the timestamps of each status change. I also found the Time Entries but that’s not really feasible for us.

So, assuming that the detailed status history of a ticket cannot be retrieved through the API right now, I’m hereby submitting this as a feature request :slight_smile:

Yes it would be nice if we could access ticket activities. Right now, in freshservice (not sure if it is the same in freshdesk) we can only get the ticket activity information via an export button from within the ticket. Which is very tedious, since you can only do one ticket at a time. A feature request is a great idea! :+1:

Hey Florina and Zach,

Have you checked this out? We provide an API end point to export the ticket activities data periodically!


Hello @Ganesh_Balaji,

This is a fantastic start, but is it available as an API endpoint for Freshservice as well? If not, I would like to suggest opening up this endpoint for the freshservice API as well. Thank you! :slight_smile: