How to implement click to dial feature for a CTI app?

I’m planning to build a custom App. How can I implement Click to Dial feature to make a call from my custom app when a phone number of a contact on Freshdesk is clicked?

I would assume this can be done using Events API, however I cant find any related callback method for this in the Events API documentation.

Pls. assist.

Hi @usuleman,

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Yes, there’s an Event API available that will get triggered when a phone number of the contact is clicked.“cti.triggerDialer”, function (event){
var data = event.helper.getData();
console.log(data.number); // prints the phone number clicked

Please take a look at this sample app for reference to build a CTI app. The event can be found in this line of the code.

We are in the process of documenting this event.


Thank you !!..Is there any extra subscription or charge for buildling/publishing a CTI app? Or is it treated as a normal Custom App…and is part of the Freshdesk purchased plan…

@usuleman It’s completely free to publish a CTI app on our platform to integrate with our products. If the product supports Custom App on your subscription, that’s enough to utilize it. It is treated as a normal custom app.

The cloud telephone service could be any service of your choice that you have subscribed with.

your code not active in my custom app in freshsale,
What do I need to do to make it work
Thank you !

Hi @Thanh_DV,

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For Freshsales, the event name is different. Try the following for the same event.“calling”, function (event){


Many thanks it works.

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