HTML Input filtering in Freshservice APIs

I was trying out Freshservice APIs to create tickets and add notes. The HTML data that I sent includes some CSS and some minimal SVG. I find that the input is being completely sanitized (whole and is stripped out). Which is good and it is important to sanitize inputs through any http requests. But when it’s a legitimate request is there any way we can still have the styles and vectors applied? I would love to have the flexibility of creating styled reports as html data in the ticket rather than a file attachment.

Hello @navs,

When you consume REST APIs, the request and response cycle is completely handled by Freshservice product themself. Whatever is “Legitimate”, there supposedly needs to have a mechanism to identify the same.

Let me connect with :freshservice: team, and keep you posted with an update.

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Hi @navs,

Can you confirm if you are consuming V1 of :freshservice: APIs or v2 of it?