Inspirations for Freshworks App Ideation


Once you know what I want to build, you are already halfway there. In some sense, you might be thinking what kind of app should I build?

App that can

  1. Improve agent productivity. That makes it easier to help Agent to respond to the requester faster and resolve tickets at jet speed.
  2. That can power workflows for admins or agents as they work with any 3rd party software to resolve issues.
  3. But more context for the agent by talking to CRM or Sales & Marketing tool.
  4. Solve data synchronization problems across commonly used tools by the user.
  5. Improve collaboration or managing files
  6. Help better tracking about the issue raised by the requester to resolve.
  7. Improve reporting and analytics

And a lot more in the areas of Security, Governance, Social Media, Surveys, Feedback, Time Tracking, Accounting, Billing, User & Access Management.

Check out what Freshworks users are saying about their needs and requirements!


To help you identify the patterns and put you on the track to move in the right direction, we collated a couple of examples and listed them in the following list.

In modern chat platforms, if you are having a conversation with a friend, you have an option to look into all photos, attachments in one place.

Likewise if agents have long conversations spanning over weeks and months. Could there be an app that lists all the attachments in a single app interface?
Freshdesk, Freshservice
It’s very usual that agents find patterns of actions that they need to take when sometimes a product doesn’t work as expected for the customers.

Suddenly a series of payment failures come in, or download buttons not working, or something else. Agent has to repeat the same message, update same properties,

Can there be an app that will remember these mini user flows using App Platform APIs and product APIs and allow agents perform user flow automatically with a click?
Freshdesk, Freshservice
An app that will remind the agent to do desired action outside of Freshdesk – For example notification can say,“Ticket #483 about backup not working needs your attention” ? Maybe using Telegram API to receive a notification? Or simply an SMS? Freshdesk, Freshservice
As a web application running inside of a web browser, the app platform has access to Web APIs. Why not use Web Storage APIs to create offline mode abilities for the agent.

For example, the app can cache a recent couple of tickets and few common actions like reply or adding a note. But when the internet connects, the app will continue to perform all the resumed actions. Interesting?
Freshdesk, Freshservice
When it comes to customizing the visitor portal for freshdesk and freshservice, it’s very often that admins struggle to make changes with limited HTML, CSS or Liquid syntax.

An app can help them create code of small snippets that can be reused in portal customization settings.
Freshdesk, Freshservice
Bookmark tickets with personal notes.

Many times agents have to handle multiple tickets, and based on the response from the customer, agents need to remember and revisit tickets important to them.

An app can allow them to bookmark couple tickets and revisit them whenever they want to.
Freshdesk, Freshservice
An App link repository

There are so many links sometimes agents deal with. They might want to open a new tab or simply copy to the clipboard and use it in their replies.

An app can store links and provide to the user in form of copying them to the clipboard or opening them in new tab.
Freshdesk, Freshservice
Notice board

The process in ways teams support the users change from time to time. An app can allow a way for admins to post such notice content so that it may appear for agents. Maybe even for the specific agent groups.
Freshdesk, Freshservice
Ability to Undo or Redo few actions.

App platform has capabilities to intercept certain UI events from happening. These can be leveraged in Undo or Redo actions like ticket updates or adding notes etc. Why not build an app just to do that?
Freshdesk, Freshservice
App to appreciate agents for their work often

The user’s feedback and small notes often make the day for agents who are supporting them. But if there are insights those foster agents’ engagement to users. Why not build an app that can encourage agents often.

For example, a notification that says, “Ramesh, You’ve added 50 notes and closed 10 tickets this week! Take breaks and keep going :)”
Freshdesk, Freshservice
An easier way to convert dates and times to other timezones.

If it is very frequent for an agent to respond to users to add dates and times in their replies, it’s hard for agents to go through multiple clicks and tabs on different websites to do this conversion.
Let’s build an app, which has these options already along with an easy way to copy to clipboard and paste it in the reply.
Freshdesk, Freshservice
While it is possible to set up tickets originating with certain conditions to always be assigned to relevant groups.

What if the tickets assigned to a group are very high than the assigned group can handle? Could there be away in the app that checks at this condition and deflect to alternate configured groups in the app?
Freshdesk, Freshservice
For larger teams, it’s harder to find which agent is available in which group. Many times, there can be so many groups that it becomes harder for the supervisor or admin to identify which agent is in which group.

Only if there were a visual way in the app to make it easy to know it. Today, the supervisor needs to do multiple clicks to know the agents and correlate them with groups. Once known, the supervisor can jump back and change in Group settings.
Freshdesk, Freshservice
Recently viewed tickets

This can be a very simple and yet very helpful app for any agent. An app to list the last X number of tickets viewed by an agent :slight_smile:
Freshdesk, Freshservice
Appointment Management System
An app that can help in scheduling, updating, and deleting an appointment between an agent and end customer or with any stakeholder based on the agent’s working hours and availability. Even better if the app supports allowing users to choose a collaboration tool of their choice to send with the appointment (Google, MS Teams, etc.)
Freshdesk, Freshservice
Sync data between 1 or more Freshworks products
​​More and more customers tend to choose 1 or more Freshworks products today. As part of their onboarding, we would want a sync app to allow the customers to choose the master & child systems so that information of customer’s choice (User, Tickets) flow from one system to another. The app can also allow customers to choose if the flow (sync) of data should be unidirectional or bidirectional.
Freshdesk, Freshservice
Reply Scheduler

Many times an agent might want to schedule a response at a later point in time. An app can use the Schedule Events feature within the app and store the message in DB and send a reply at a later point in time :slight_smile:
Freshdesk, Freshservice
Metrics in Customer Point of View
Usually, the host Freshworks product shows the metrics like first response time, resolution time, etc. But it would allow the agent to be more empathetic to the customer if the app shows metrics from the customer’s point of view - No.of Interactions, Avg number of messages exchanged per ticket/interaction, longest time taken for the customer to revert back, avg time between each interaction.
Freshdesk, Freshservice, Freshchat
Support contribution to Sales Cycles
Sometimes customers get their coupon codes or referral codes not working as expected. Support teams engage with customers to resolve to provide them the help they need in terms of coupons or helping referrals to be rewarded. Can there be an app that can help agents mark a ticket that contributes to sales cycles? This information would be helpful to understand how much the support teams are contributing to sales cycles.
Freshdesk, Freshchat
Consistent phone call scripts

It’s a common practice for agents to get on a call with users. A lot of agents have a common script for talking to their customers. If there were a possibility for admin to add/change/update a script periodically that can be reflected in the app, would help agents to follow a consistent pattern and reflect a common brand to customers
Freshdesk, Freshchat
Contract Management with a Client Reminder
The Contract Management App tracks when the threshold value is reached. It could have been if there was a reminder option that automatically reminds the client when nearing the threshold value? Can you build a better app?
Freshservice, Freshservice
Inventory stock count notifier

Freshservice has capabilities to add and manage assets. It would be helpful if the agent gets a notification when the number of available assets goes down a certain threshold. This also helps the purchase order team to plan accordingly for future assests.
Webhook in Schedules
For example, there is a request that needs to be fulfilled for an employee in future time, or in other words a child ticket should be created at a later date to the current parent, an app should be able to make a API call to create child ticket on set schedule in the app.
Reports of Forum Activity
It would be great for compaines relying on forum to see weekly reports available. An app can consume Freshdesk/Freshservice APIs and use scheduled events to send weekly reports in the form of emails.
Freshservice, Freshdesk
Click to copy attachements, notes or description to the parent ticket.
Parent ticket created on Freshservice might produce child service tasks that are usually followed up by filed agents. An app to copy all the attachements in the child ticket to copy notes, or description to the parent ticket!


All the ideas listed here are intended to help you imagine as a maker. Depending on what and how you want to solve a problem, we recommend you do a feasibility check and think of implementation details as early as possible in your journey.