MS OneNote - Freshservice Integration

What it does:

Imagine you are in the middle of an important support call and need to quickly jot down some notes pertaining to the ticket, or perhaps you remembered you need to add Milk to the grocery list. Well now you can jot those notes down from within Freshservice and save them to a MS OneNote Page. Allowing you to access from any device where you access OneNote.

How it is built:

It was built using Freshworks SDK, the Freshservice Platform, and MS Graph and OneNote APIs. Also was able to use the Freshworks Crayons UI Platform!!!

The application when installed will appear in the ticket sidebar of freshservice. On installation the user will have to authenticate and allow the app to access their Microsoft Account. Once that handshake is complete and the Agent activates the application, a modal slides out presenting a scratch pad for note taking. Clicking “Save” sends that information to the user’s notebook and creates a page containing all their notes.


The Authentication process was very daunting, making sure that the right permissions were set. A future release should allow the user to choose what notebook to save notes too and allow for installation parameters.



About your team:

This was a One Man Show but reached out for help here at the Development Community and that made the experience that much better!