Need to show only public notes

I have a use-case by a customer as below.

The client is using a different portal for the agents and end-customers:

  1. Agents to see all the ticket details and conversations i.e. if the conversations are more than 30, then all the pages
  2. Customer to see only the public conversations (similar to customer portal)

Using Freshdesk , we cannot filter based on public and private.
I understand that we can check if the attribute is “private” : true, then we can avoid the not to be shown to customer.
But can Freshdesk solve for it or do I need to write this logic in my program?
Is there any solution for this?

Hey @Ujjala_Katta. Welcome to the community :tada:

As you mentioned, you need to write the logic to handle private and public replies in a ticket using private flag programatically.

Let me know if you have any other issues in implementing this. Have a nice day

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