<%= oauth_iparams.domain %> not replacing when calling through SMI Function

We are doing all the API calls to third party apps which we have authenticated using OAuth. Now calling the request api passing this <%= oauth_iparams.domain %> from any Handler is working fine. But when the same code is executed through SMI I am getting the error
{"status":400,"headers":{},"response":"Error while substituting the templates","errorSource":"APP"} .

Why is it that the OAuth template is replacing API calls that are made from Serverless code through SMI functions? Can someone please help me with this?

If not is it even possible to read this OAuth value anywhere else, so that we can persist and use it?

Hey Yokesh,
Please confirm if my understanding is correct:

  1. You are using oauth.iparam template replacement using a proxy request inside the handler
  2. The same handler calling directly works
  3. Calling the same handler through SMI throws error.

Yes. I am having a proxy function that will hit with the Oauth Domain name and Oauth access token and return me response. The function called with handlers like Install or schedule is working as expected but the same via SMI is not working and throwing the above error.

Hi Yokesh
This is due to a bug in our platform. We will be fixing it but cannot commit a definite timeline. Thanks a lot for helping us identify the bug.