Per day dashboard app for Sales Rep on Freshsales


Sales Reps comes to office and do their daily job. They can check out the activities to be done and the sales goals, they have.But at the end of the day, they should have known what all the work they have done on that day. They can use daily-matrix to send daily updates to their managers.

App Idea

An app that will get the numbers and compile them in a matrix to have an easy look. It might be similar to the Google fit, as we can set steps to be completed.

Here, sales reps can set some goals similar to below ones :-

  1. No. of leads, they want to contact, convert.
  2. No of tasks, they want to close.
  3. No of deals, they want to do follow-up today.

And in the app, the following info can be displayed -

  1. Hours spent in meetings/appointments.
  2. No of tasks completed.
  3. No of notes added.
  4. No of leads/contacts created/updated.
  5. No of calls made.
  6. No of emails sent.

Some more metrics can be added based on the need.