Recent version of FDK doesnt allow iparam as part of the URL in client.request

I have been using the client.request method where the URL is passed as

    var url = `<%= iparam.fs_base%>/api/leads/${}`
    var data = await client.request.get(url, { headers: ...})

This used to work some time back, but recently it fails with the error “Invalid URL” . I also tried making the host configurable and adding https to the string but then it fails with the error “URL must be FQDN”.

Will this be fixed in future versions of the FDK or would there be an alternate way to handle this?

HI @avinash,

Can you please let us know from when are you see this error? I will try to refer to any recent FDK releases.

It doesnt work on 6.5.4 but works on 6.5.2
I haven’t tested on 6.5.3