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For more details about the “What to build?”, “How to build?”, “Whom to reach out for help?”, " What to submit" and “When to submit?” – check out our forum post.

The Refresh App challenge provides a unique opportunity to build innovative applications on the Freshworks developer platform and help businesses thrive in the CX and IT world.

From newbie developers to experts, everyone is welcome to participate from September 30 to November 7 and stand a chance to win USD 38,000 spread across the best in categories. Now is the best time to make your app idea a reality! It will be an amazing six weeks with code, fun, and lots of Prizes.:sweat_smile:
To learn more about the event and to register, visit The Refresh app challenge

May the winning side of the Force be with you,
Developer platform team❤️

Ps: We know you may have additional questions. [Go head to the thread on the forum and start asking questions]. We will make sure your question gets answered.

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Wondering what to build? :thinking:

If you are wondering what exciting idea you should build on this app challenge, we’ve got you covered!

We worked with product makers and customers of Freshworks’ to learn where they believed an app could help them.

  1. Users started to list their ideas and conversing actively - Read all of them!
  2. Browse Ideas - Pick one now!

We can’t wait for what you build.


Have you started building yet?

  1. Join the App Challenge
  2. Pick an idea
  3. Get the tools

With a feasible idea under your belt, you can start to finalize the details of what you want your user to experience and go “Wow!”. The pieces should help you decide what is a must-have versus what is just nice-to-have.

This is also a great time to put your sketching skills to use - try to picture how the user will experience your app and identify the required visual components.

Check out our Crayons library to furnish your app with the Freshworks Design System.

This week is the right time for you to start coding!


Happy coding,
The Freshworks platform team❤️