Reminder App for HR personnel

Freshteam Reminder App:


Many a times HR/ New hire onboarding specialist/Manager has to remember lot of dates with respect to an employee and are required to take a specific action on / prior to the actual date.


  1. Remind the employee, few days before when their certification is about to expire.

  2. Notify reporting manager/team members on the birthday of their reportes

  3. notify IT to provision computer, email id etc on the day of new hire joining.

  4. Roll out revised offer once the probation period ends


User should able

  • to pick any date field from the employee fields,
  • set a scheduled reminder ( on a specific date ie 15th Aug’19, or on a relative date ie 5 days before, 10 days after, same day etc)
  • Enter the message (title and description)
  • Choose the people who needs to be reminded (Hr manager, Reporting Manager, self etc )
  • Choose the channel at which they would like to be notified - slack, google chat, email, sms etc