Requests timing out in CRM/Sales app after deploying to production


We are building an app for FWCRM. the requests to one of our middleware is working fine while testing on local, but as soon as we deploy the app, all requests are being timed out. Tested the same app for Freshsales and this is happening too.
All other apps on the account are working fine.
The only difference in this app is the middleware url to which the request is being made has port in it, does that make any difference?

cc: @Osama_Abid

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Hi @yusrakhatri,

What are the response delay and the duration of the response from the server? Can you also give the app/account ID so that we can check it out?

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We are getting 6 seconds delay in request after which it is timed out.

Normally the request is completed within 2 seconds when testing from postman and local both.

App ID: 37735-fw_crm_int_gtask_v11

@yusrakhatri I am seeing ETIMEDOUT errors in the logs. Are you sure the URL is reachable from a public network? Or is the hosted server behind some private VPN layers? Our lambda is not able to make the connection to the server.

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@prithvi Yes, it is reachable.
May I know how the requests are sent locally? Since it is working fine at local but not on production

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So locally, all FDK does is send the request from your machine to the server (so since the server and your machine are on the same VPN, it will work OK).

But, in the real app scenario, the request is sent from our platform (where the backend app is hosted) to the server, the path goes through a AWS hosted public network to the server which might lead to the ETIMEDOUT errors since the VPN rejects these public requests (IP whitelisting).

Atleast, that is what I think is going on, since I don’t how the receving server is hosted :slight_smile:


@prithvi We just debugged that our application is timing out. Thank you for the help here! :slight_smile:

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