Smart forms: How to set a new contact's status?

Hello there,

I’m using the smart forms script to decorate an existing form on my website. I would like the contact generated from the form submission to automatically have an “Interested” status applied. Is that possible?

I have tried hidden fields where

  1. name=“Status” value=“Interested”
  2. name=“lifecycle_stage_id” value=“17000466203”
  3. name=“contact[lifecycle_stage_id]” value=“17000466203” (taken from the classic form)

But nothing appears to have any effect. Can anyone help?

Next I’m going to try setting a custom field that kicks off a journey, that in turn sets the necessary fields. :crossed_fingers:


Looks like there is a possibility to do this using workflows in Freshworks CRM. The idea is to apply this setting on the source field so that “Instrested” status is automatically applies.

I haven’t tried myself yet. But let me know if you see any issues doing this.