Sync between Freshteam and Mailing Groups

Problem Statement:

When an employee joins a team, today, we’re adding the new employee to mailing groups manually. Eg. When an employee joins as a Software Engineer in freshteam, he must be added to mails groups. This is not followed as a process too, that the employees are unaware that they should be added by someone in the team to the team group. So, the newly joined employee misses out any important notification that is sent to the team.


We can have a workflow which can assign google-groups(or any other mailing group) to new joining employees automatically based on team, department or any other category. We can also have the updates in google groups when an employee gets transferred internally, eg. When an employee gets transferred from freshsales and freshteam, they can be removed from freshsales related groups and added to freshteam related groups.

Hey, How is a workflow different from an app? Does it mean there isn’t a UI component involved?

Okay, As I understand it,

  1. the app upon installation needs to take in some google groups and this can be categorized (maybe) based on teams.
  2. Next, as a new employee is created and verified, the app should add the new employee’s email to respective google groups.
  3. Again on updating the employee’s team, the app should update the subscribed mail groups.
  4. On uninstallation, the app doesn’t change the present groupings.

Is that correct?

@Saif @Juhi_Singh Please help with this one.


What you understood is correct.

#1 and #2 almost convey the problem statement. Post that, it’s up to you to weave the idea. Also, the tools mentioned in problem statement are for example. You are free to pick up alternative(to Google groups)

Alright. I’ll work on this. Thanks

@Saif Can you suggest any alternatives to google groups, that might be useful.

Mailgun has some good APIs that you can build this out for prototype purpose -

Maybe you can explore more on it.

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Hi @Saif , The app is going well so far. I’ve to work on the UI next. But I’m having hard time to figure out, how could the mapping between the emails(of mail groups) and the team names could make most sense.

  1. Are the Ids for teams hard coded.
  2. What is the way to determine if the user is a manager i.e. the one who could setup the above mapping.
    For Example, the recruiter should setup these mappings while other employees cannot.

Any suggestion on this.
Thanks for the help so far :slight_smile:

Sounds good, @SIDDHANT_JAIN.

  1. I would let you decide on the mail groups vs the team names.
  2. When you say IDs. Can you point me to certain part of documentation to understand which ID that you are referring to?
  3. May be you can use Job Roles API to find the role of an employee.

Precisely this
"team": { "id": 3000043460, "created_at": "2019-09-15T09:17:43.000Z", "updated_at": "2019-09-15T09:17:43.000Z", "deleted": false, "name": "Business" },

Okay, The mapping part would then be based on some assumption, like the email_name for the sales team is “sales”.


Hi @Saif,
I’d like to get some feedback on my app, if possible.

Here’s the githubrepo and Demo videos
part 1
part 2