Ticket field issue in Freshdesk API - Field issue with custom ticket field request returning unspecified tickets

I am using a get ticket query with the following fields: status:2 and agent_id:null

I am receiving back a couple of tickets with status:5 and agent_id:null
alongside the status:2 and agent_id:null tickets.

I don’t believe this should be happening and would love this to be fixed


  • I am only getting 2 tickets back out of >1000 tickets with the custom fields of status:5 and agent_id:null
  • The two tickets are were created around a day apart from each other but there are plenty of other tickets from around that time.
  • Feels like some kind of indexing error


Very fair @GAFalla.

Thank you so much for reporting. I will have checked this with Freshdesk Product team and amend any changes those are needed.

cc: @rohith.jayaraman

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Hi @GAFalla

Welcome to the community! It is great to have you :tada:

Like @Saif mentioned we will have this checked with the product team. One point to mention though is that it generally takes around 15-20 seconds for the API to update any changes. So, if these tickets were modified immediately before you made the request then you might be getting certain stale values or you might not be getting some tickets. Could you confirm that this is happening even after a considerable amount of time has passed once the tickets were created/updated ?

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Hi @rohith.jayaraman

So to be clear these two tickets were created and closed ~2 years ago as far as I can tell nobody is updating them so I believe it is safe to assume that I am making the request a considerable amount of time after they were updated/created.
I have tested this request multiple times and have had those two tickets within the response data every time.


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Hi @GAFalla,

We were finding out a way to connect with :freshdesk: team to bring this to their notice. They confirmed it as a bug. We are actively working with them to involve in a process to track the bug fix.



Our :freshdesk: team have indicated that they have tried reindexing it hoping to solve the issue. Can you please confirm if the issue persists?

If it does, I will initiate a private discussion on this forum and involve teams to help you on this.

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Just dropping by to learn if you have an update or the problem has been fixed for you?


We tried re-indexing our APIs to not let this happen. We waited for you confirmation if the issue has been solved for you. Assuming that it did, I would current mark this topic has closed.

If you need further help, Please feel free to create a newer topic to continue discussion and cross link this topic if helpful.