Timelines, Submissions, Judging, and Prizes: Freshworks Refresh App Challenge

We appreciate your consideration in participating in the Refresh App Challenge. This post will lay out all the logistical information that will arm you to plan and execute the idea you always wanted to build.

Timelines :timer_clock:

Activity Dates and times
Registration Starts Thursday, September 30, 2021 3:30 AM
Submissions Period Start Thursday, September 30, 2021 6:30 AM
Submission Period End Sunday, November 7, 2021 6:30 AM
Judging Period Start Monday, November 8, 2021 6:30 AM
Judging Period End Friday, November 12, 2021 6:30 AM
Winner Announcement Saturday, November 13, 2021 4:30 PM

Submission :information_source:

There are two kinds of submissions. One is on the Devpost and another on the Marketplace.

As you plan to submit the App for the app challenge on Devpost, you will be required to enter the App ID obtained after submission on the Marketplace.


  1. Applicable hosts for the apps should be Freshdesk / Freshservice only.
  2. Apps can be submitted and resubmitted any number of times during the submission period.
  3. It is not mandatory to make the App live on Marketplace within the submission period.
  4. Custom and External Apps do not qualify.


  1. The entrant should describe the App on the Devpost contest site at the submission stage.
  2. The entrant should get the App ID needed after submitting the App for review.


The App submission is to be initiated on the Freshworks App Submission portal.

  1. Open the app management portal. See (App Submission → Listing → Marketplace Apps)
  2. Fill out all the details required to submit. The app .zip must have unbundled source code if app is built using frameworks like React or Vue.
  3. Once submitted, get the App ID and mention it during Devpost submission.
  4. Judges view the Devpost submissions page to get an overview of the App. The technical team reviews the validity using the App ID.
  5. On and beyond the app challenge, the App reviews team will keep in touch with you to help your App become live on Freshworks Marketplace. Check out the listing process and steps to navigate and submit the App.


  • You can submit the App and edit any number of times on the Devpost site.
  • If there are source code-level changes, make sure you update your app submission on the App submission portal.
  • It is not mandatory for the App to go live on the Freshworks marketplace during the submission period. All submissions will strictly adhere to judging criteria.
  • Our App Reviews team would be proactive to start giving feedback about the App. However, addressing the feedback is geared towards making your App live on Freshworks Marketplace but doesn’t influence the app challenge.

Judging :woman_teacher:

Criterion Description Value
Potential Business Value If this App was delivered to our users, how big would the impact be on their productivity? How many potential users could benefit? 10 points
Technical Challenges What kind of challenges would have been overcome to build this App? How demonstrative are these accomplishments about the technical prowess of the team? 10 points
Finish How well has the App been solution around the apparent constraints of time, platform support, and feasibility? Was it designed to scale, even if it was not built for scale yet? 10 points
Innovative Leap of Faith How bold was the idea behind the App in terms of feasibility within the constraints of the challenge? This encourages the team who thought out of the box in terms of what they tried to achieve and demo a working application built on the platform. 10 points

Prizes :gift:

Prize Name Description
Wow Customer Experience Top 3 scoring eligible apps submitted for Freshdesk 1st - $5000
2nd - $3500
3rd - $2500
Delightful ITSM Top 3 scoring eligible apps submitted for Freshservice 1st prize - $5000
2nd - $3500
3rd - $2500
Innovative Leap of Faith Top-ranked eligible app with the highest score on innovation 1 team - $1000
Bold Engineering Top ranked eligible app with the highest score on Technical Challenge 1 team - $1000
Primal Learners Top ranked eligible apps from a team that introduced itself to Freshworks during the App Challenge 2 teams - $600
Entrepreneurs All eligible submissions 49 teams - $200 each (in schwag box + cash)
Feedback Loopers Most valuable feedback providers 5 individuals - $150 each
Early Birds Earliest Eligible Submissions 10 teams - $200 each


  1. Apps submitted during the submission period before the judging period start to qualify for “Early Bird” prizes.
  2. During the Judging Period, all the apps will be reviewed by the Judging panel, and ten apps will be shortlisted to the final round.
  3. Finalists will join virtually to Refresh 2021 happening in Las Vegas to demo to a final judging panel. The organizing team will engage and work with finalists closely during the Judging Period.
  4. Freshworks has partnered with the Devpost team to coordinate with all the winners to distribute the prizes.

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