Unable to complete oauth flow with `neto`


Iam going to integrate with neto.
Client ID and install endpoints using to successfully authorized.

Here is authorize URL:

https://apps.getneto.com/oauth/v2/auth?client_id=<%= oauth_iparams.client_id %>&redirect_uri=http://localhost:10001/auth/callback&response_type=code&store_domain=domain.neto.com.au&state=123

I got access code in responce, but returned Invalid State in UI.

Here is response:

Neto provide token URL that needs to be client ID ,client secret, redirect_uri, grant_type and access code.

Here is token URL:

https://<%= oauth_iparams.domain %>/oauth/v2/token?client_id=<%= oauth_iparams.client_id %>&client_secret=<%= oauth_iparams.client_secret %>&redirect_uri=http://localhost:10001/auth/callback&grant_type=authorization_code&code=access_code

How can i send access code in token url.


Hi @Karuppu_Samy,

Are you still facing this issue? Since it’s been a delay, I was wondering if we could be on any help.

I am assuming, neto isn’t sending back the state variable that is sent in your Request as you shared in the screenshot.

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Hi @Karuppu_Samy ,

Hope you were able to solve this. Feel free to share the solution(s) that worked. Let us know if you would require any assistance :slight_smile: