Unsupported content-type while calling an external API using request

I am using an external API in my App that sends a response with content-type application/rdsConnectComputer.v1+json

While hitting the API, I am getting the following error code:

    "response":"Unsupported content type",

I can confirm that the API sends data correctly. While browsing about the error I came across that only application/json is supported by client.request. Am I doing something wrong or is there any work-around for receiving custom content types from APIs?

Code snippet for reference:

var apiUrl = serverHome + '/api/apiEndpoint/initiate';
var headers = {
  'Authorization': '<%= apikey %>',
  'Content-Type' : 'application/rdsConnectComputer.v1+json',
  'Accept' : 'application/rdsConnectionInfo.v1+json'
var bodyJson = {
  'name' : 'Desktop' ,
  'message' : message
var options = {
  headers: headers,
  body: JSON.stringify(bodyJson)
client.request.post(apiUrl, options).then(function (data) {
  var jsonData = JSON.parse(data.response);

Hi @sanjay.sr,
Welcome to the Developer Community :tada:

Can you please share the API documentation for this endpoint so we can see if the content-type is a valid one.

I’m sorry, but there is no documentation as these are internal APIs of our product…

The following content-types are allowed for external APIs

  • application/json
  • application/jsonp
  • application/vnd.api+json
  • application/xml
  • text/plain
  • text/html
  • text/xml
  • text/javascript

Can you please use one of these content-types in the internal APIs?

We are unable to change the content-type of the APIs as they are used within the product and in other integrations too. Is there any other work-around for this purpose?

Can you please share the documentation on “application/rdsConnectComputer.v1+json” content-type? I am unable to find it online.