Winners' Announced - co<div> Hackathon

Announcing Winners of co<div/> Hackathon! :medal_military:

Last month, we came up with the Freshworks Upskill Program, to help developers, both student and professional to explore new development skills on the Freshworks developer platform. Just after the upskill program, developers deployed their learned skills to action by solving employee and customer experience problems.


All the submissions were judged based on 4 factors,

  1. Potential Business Value – If this app was delivered to our users, how big would the impact be to their productivity? How many potential users could benefit?
  2. Technical Challenges – What kind of challenges does one have to overcome to build this app? How demonstrative are these accomplishments about the technical prowess of the team?
  3. User Experience – How intuitive and smooth is the experience delivered to a user? Did it have a distinct WOW factor?
  4. Finish – How well has the app been solution around the obvious constraints of time, platform-support, and feasibility? Was it designed to scale, even if it was not built for scale yet?

:1st_place_medal: Sync Tickets on :freshservice:

Sarvanakumar came up with a solution for businesses that have multiple Freshservice accounts. With this solution, a customer can offer the best experience with an app that can keep the same thread in sync with multiple Freshservice Accounts!

Github submission :link:

Won: $750 :moneybag:

:2nd_place_medal: Basecamp 3 - Freshdesk Integration :freshdesk:

Richard has essentially built an integration with Basecamp, which is a productivity software that can benefit a lot of businesses to be able to track their projects and tasks.

Github submission :link:

Won: $500 :moneybag:

:3rd_place_medal: Automatic Birthday Wisher/Reminder App :freshteam:

As simple as it sounds, the implementation and effective use of Platform resources have helped this application to stand out. Ayesha, has used serverless events to help HR teams to take their engagement to the next level with proactive communications using Sendgrid.

Github submission :link:

Won: $250 :moneybag:

Honorable Mentions :star2: :

Apart from the above prizes, Jury was impressed by two more submissions that deserve to be mentioned and the story to be shared with the community.

App: Freshteam and mailing groups sync

:star: Siddhant Jain has built a powerful app that can help employees have him/her subscribe and unsubscribe to relevant mail groups.


:star: Divakar K, has built an app able to perform all operations over voice. It has an inbuilt browser voice or intent recognition that can be activated with the help of Microsoft and Alexa Activators.


We do have special rewards for Honorable mentions and we will reach out to you on email.

Our team is will keep in touch with you to keep you posted and help you get all the rewards that you deserve. If you have any further questions, please drop an email to or drop me a Direct Message on the forum.