Welcome to the Freshworks Developer Community! We’re glad that you’re here.

Together we can build an amazing community that’s helpful, friendly, and dynamic. The following content is intended as participation guidelines that ensure that the intent and purpose of the developer community are met to the fullest possible extent. As a member of the community, you are automatically subjected to the Developer Community Terms of Use.

Participate and Appreciate

  • Ask questions with sufficient details to provide a better context.
  • Post replies promptly and share your expertise and submit feedback.
  • Community champions will be rewarded based on the questions, responses, and feedback submitted.
  • Like posts to express interest, approval, and support.

Keep the forum friendly, open, and safe

  • Maintain a friendly tone devoid of profanity in all your communication
  • Respond to the context of the content rather than the tone of the content.
  • Do not post unverified statements or prejudiced comments. Enforce your statement with factual sources.
  • Respect the opinions of others and do not bully them.
  • Use the community forum responsibly.

Keep the collaborating space tidy

  • Before posting queries verify if the topic has been discussed.
  • Assign an appropriate category to each new post. When in doubt, consult the “About” section of each category.
  • As often as possible, consolidate your response and comments into a single reply.
  • Do not cross-post in multiple categories.
  • Save yourself the trouble of attaching your name or signature to each post/reply.
  • Report irrelevant posts and replies by flagging them.

Avoid spamming

  • Do not indulge in activities that can prevent the forum site from rendering or disrupt its functionality.
  • Do not use the forum for personal benefit. The community is here to help everyone derive value.
  • Do not spread hoaxes.
  • Do not promote products/services without disclosing your relationship with the brand mentioned.
  • Do not post content irrelevant to the Freshworks Platform or web development ecosystems.

Avoid illegal exercises

  • Do not impersonate or implicate anyone.
  • Do not post graphic or textual content pertaining to violence or nudity.
  • Do not post any inappropriate content that might trigger hatred, profanity, or anything that brings anyone in a negative light.

Respect Confidentiality, IP and Privacy

  • Do not include any confidential information related to a company or an individual in your posts and replies.
  • Do not share your account credentials, API keys, or any other sensitive information.
  • Double-check to ensure not to violate copyright or intellectual property entitlements.

Responsible Disclosure

Freshworks understands that the protection of customer data is a significant responsibility and requires the highest priority. We genuinely value the assistance of security researchers and any others in the security community to assist in keeping our systems secure. The responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities helps us ensure the security and privacy of all our users.

  • Reach out to bughunt@freshworks.com, if you have found any potential vulnerability in our products meeting the criteria mentioned in the policy below.
  • You can expect an acknowledgment from our security team in about 24 hours of submission.
  • Freshworks will define the severity of the issue based on the impact and the ease of exploitation.
  • We may take 3 to 5 days to validate the reported issue.
  • Actions will be initiated to fix the vulnerability in accordance with our commitment to security and privacy. We will notify you when the issue is fixed
  • When conducting security testing, should not violate our privacy policies, modify/delete unauthenticated user data, disrupt production servers, or degrade the user experience.
  • Perform research only within the scope set out below;
  • Use the identified communication channel, viz., bughunt@freshworks.com to report the vulnerability information to us; Documenting or publishing the vulnerability details in the public domain is against our responsible disclosure policy; and
  • Keep information about any vulnerability confidential until the issue is resolved

Our community is a moderated space and all members are required to comply with the aforementioned code of conduct. Failure to do so may result in the restriction of further participation.