Change default test data JSON in Test HTML page or add additional?

I would like to modify the existing test data in server/test_data/ that appear in http://localhost:10001/web/test#. There are three things I would find useful:

  • Can I add new files that represent different tests I want to run manually
  • I can delete files I don’t need in my project (not critical but nice to have)
    ** e.g. my project only implements onAppInstall, onExternalEvent. I have no need for all others. I’d like them to be removed from the list so dropdown easier to find what I need.
  • The “Reset” button on http://localhost:10001/web/test# restores to the version I modified

So for example, here is the test_data directory I would like:

| |____test_data
| | |____onAppInstall.json
| | |____onContactUpdate.json
| | |____onContactEmailChange.json
| | |____onExternalEvent.json
| | |____onCompanyUpdate.json
| | |____onCompanyNameChange.json

And if I modifiy any of the files, when I click “Reset”, I’d like it to restore to my version (not the freshworks default)

What I have found:

  • If you delete a file, they still appear in the dropdown. Why? Where are the coming from?
  • If you edit and save one of the files. Then press “Reset”, your edits are lost and file is updated to freshworks default.
  • If you add files, they do not appear in the dropdown list.

Hey @stevemc

If you delete a file, they still appear in the dropdown. Why? Where are they coming from?

Did you try stopping and starting the server? The deleted event should disappear from the dropdown. A simple refresh of the page should also work without restarting the server. Hope this should solve your third problem too - If you add files, they do not appear in the dropdown list.

A reset click is supposed to reset the data to defaults. Also the a rollout is being planned in which only required events are dropped down based on the server.js file. Will update you about the same in this thread


I re-ran “fdk run” after editing or deleting files. They all still appear. All I have in the /server/test_data folder is the files listed above. Then I run “fdk run”. I see the JSON from the files I edited - so that’s working fine. But I also see all the other events (I guess the update you are referring to will address that).

The things I am not seeing that would be very useful in testing are:

  • do not show files that are not in that folder
  • allow showing multiple of a given event type (i.e. onExternalEventUpdate.json, onExternalEventCreate.json)

I think the “Reset” button should be clear that it will “Reset to Factory Defaults” and it would be nice to have a Reset button to restore from what is in the disk file.

Hi @stevemc,
Good Day!

this feature is yet to implement in FDK that only populates events, that are defined in the server.js / manifest file.

Unfortunately, it is not possible with FDK for now, We will keep you posted if we have plans on this.