Convert WordPress user into JWT to login Freshdesk


Will see a new Notification on our account on freshdesk.

it will desperate sso by 31 may 2021 then how my users from WordPress login into Freshdesk portal?

You have a plugin called freshdesk official it sayd you can login on portal using this plugin but your support agent says you wont you need to convert users into JWT first.

How can I do this please help…

Few things that i would like to understand here before suggesting any on the solution.

  1. How the agents are currently being logged in into freshdesk portal? are you using SSO?
  2. If its SSO, then is wordpress the IDP here?
  3. If the wordpress is the IDP, what is the authentication protocol wordpress supports ? is it either Oauth, OIDC or SAML?

Yes I am using simple sso and my website is a WordPress website.

Now i need to convert wordpress users into JWT.

Hello Freshdesk,

My Name is Sachin Patel and I am a WordPress Developer with a good Profile and ratings.

One of my client wants me to setup freshworks sso for their WordPress website and I did a research and I found your plugin Freshdesk official.

I thought If I use this plugin I can do this easily and I say Yes to my client.

But after this I talk with your support them and they said it wont work now.

So if it wont work why you have this plugin on WordPress Directory?

Now I am stuck my client wants to give me a bad rating which is badely affect my reputation.

I have all the related screenshot including your website page where you describe the plugin.

Now If I didnt get proper resolution under 3 days or by 19/05/2021 I will going to share all this with my story on social media, and I make it public.

And also I am going to sue you and really going to faild a complaint against you.

I hope I get my problems resolution.


Hi @ruchi9570,

We have learned that updates for this WordPress plugin have been actively worked on. It has recently updated now with the Freshworks SSO feature.

Test it and if you face any issues, please contact the Freshdesk support for further updates.