Freshchat custom app in Fresdesk account

Hi guys,

I am looking for freshchat custom app to activate on the Freshdesk account which is already integrated with freshchat.

Could you please help me activate the custom app freshchat in the Freshdesk account?

FYI location left side chat popup:

Hey guys, did anyone get a chance to look at this issue?

Hi @Tejasri_Kalluri,

Are you looking to activate the custom app within the Freshchat widget popup in the Freshdesk account? Could you share what placeholder is used in the app?

Hey @Raviraj i didnt find any placeholder in freshchat documentation.

like in freshcaller we have a placeholder and can use the custom app in the caller popup in Freshdesk

Is there any feasibility for us to use freshchat custom app in freshcaller? please confirm the feasibility

Thanks in advance