Freshdesk app stops responding server side events after update but not if app uninstalled and reinstalled

We submitted an update for a marketplace app that was approved and then published however when users have have done an update using the update button in the Admin > Apps page, the App has stopped responding to server side events. You have to uninstall and reinstall the App for it to start responding to server side events. We have identified that this is the same for custom apps as well.

FDK version: 6.9.7

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I think we may have worked out what causes this. We need to do more testing but it looks like its caused when the app is packed whilst the FDK web server is still running. Anyone else seen anything like this?

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Hi @RobAtOpinyin,

Was this new update to the Marketplace public app pushed with auto_update feature to let the app getting automatically updated for all its existing users?

Were there any changes involved in the app manifest file?

Packing the app while the FDK server still running may not have caused any issues as there’s no change involved in the app source files that are used for packing the app while running FDK.

Hi Raviraj,

Good point about the auto_update feature. That sounds more likely than the app packing process. The app was published with auto_update but during review we discovered it could not be used as there as a change to the admin screen.

There were no changes to the app manifest

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