Freshteam Integration Partner Unable to Enter Support and Video URL

Hi Team,

Freshteam’s integration partner was trying to insert links in the Video Link and Support URL field. They are seeing an error. Please note - They are inserting two links in the Video filed because as per @Siva_Venkatachalam 's instruction I asked them to enter a link to the app scope in the Video Link field. Screenshots attached.

@Brejesh_G_Aiyer Please ask them to add the demo link in the field “App Specification/Demo Video” in-app submission portal. And you can add only one URL in that field.

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@Siva_Venkatachalam will do, but they are still facing the Valid URL issue in the support URL field. How do you suggest we resolve that?

@Brejesh_G_Aiyer there is a validation issue at our end which is causing this Support URL validation error, we are fixing it at our end. Will keep you posted once the issue is fixed. Issue is being tracked here,

@Brejesh_G_Aiyer the issue is fixed now. Ask your partner to check now.