Get all the related IPs of the custom APP

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I have developed the APP and installed as a custom APP in customer’s Freshservice account.

We need all the IP addresses related to the custom APP so that the customer can whitelist it in there Jira account and we can use the Jira APIs.

Please find the APP ID:

Akhil S K

@Akhil_Kulkarni ,
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I hope you are using request API to make API calls to your third-party API’s.
There is a feature called static IP in request API with all IP ranges, you can make use of this feature to whitelist it in Jira.

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Here I need to access the Jira APIs not the Freshservice APIs.

So, when a request is sent from the Freshservice custom APP (via a particular IP address), first this particular IP has to be whitelisted in the customer’s Jira account, then only we can access their URL and the respective Jira APIs.

Please let me know if this clarifies all your doubts otherwise let me know if we can have a quick call to discuss further.

Akhil S K

@Akhil_Kulkarni ,
As I said, you can use Request API with Static IP true and if you enabled this feature, the Request going from the App will always be in this IP ranges and you can white list this IP in the customers Jira account.

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Can you please provide me a code snippet of the code on how to use the static IP in the request API?

Akhil S K

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example:"", {
      headers: {
        Authorization: "Basic <%= encode(iparam.username + \":\" + iparam.password) %>"
      staticIP: true,
      body: JSON.stringify({
        status: 2,
        priority: 1,
        description: "Test",
        subject: "<%= iparam.subjectPrefix %> Hello there",
        email: ""
IP Ranges

Here is the list of IPs you must whitelist when using Request APIs if IP whitelisting is enabled on the Freshservice support portal or you wish to whitelist requests from your app.

Region IPs
United States and
Europe-Central and
India and
Australia and

please visit this page for more reference


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