How to fetch truncated custom application logs

Hi Team,

whenever a ticket is updated custom app will receive a payload . But , the payload get truncated while displaying. Is there any way to to fetch or view the entire payload ?.

Any suggestions on this would be really helpful


Hi @Ganesh_Badikalai,

This is a good question as we have had challenges in the past with this as well. The payload information in the API docs is good but understandably can’t cover all scenarios in terms of what data is actually provided.

We solved it by creating an endpoint on our server to capture these payloads in a log but we only did it for our own environment. I wouldn’t recommend doing it for a customer due to data security concerns.

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Hi @RobAtOpinyin ,

We are facing an issue with custom app where we need to see the entire payload to debug . Is there any way to get that payload information(non-truncated).

Hi @Ganesh_Badikalai

Creating an endpoint on a server is the only solution I am aware of to get the whole payload. If you don’t have a server you could use to listen for.

In both cases you would use the request API to send the data to the endpoint. Remember to whitelist the the receiving server/requestBin domain in your manifest file otherwise you will get an error.

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