How to obtain App ID from the App Management Portal?

Ideally, the app development process will involve debugging and enquiring some technical queries from the community and getting help from the product/platform support. When requiring help from support, the context about the issue and app details have to be communicated effectively to have the troubleshooting process faster.

The App ID is one of the important information to share with the support to grab the background information of the app.

It will be available in the app management portal from which account the app has been published. It can be any type of app (Custom app or Marketplace app). Find the steps below on how to find the App ID from the app management portal.

  1. Log in to your account on the Freshworks product or in the respective developer documentation.
  2. Go to the app management portal from the product instance. (Logging in from the developer documentation will land in the app management portal directly)
  3. On the homepage of the app management portal (Freshworks Developers), the published apps will be listed. (If your account has no apps published or in the draft, this page will be empty)

  1. Click on the app that you would like to find the App ID for.
  2. Now, the App ID is available in the URL in the browser address bar. It will look like this -[APP-ID]-[APP-NAME]/edit (Example:, here, the APP ID is 41385 and the APP NAME is fs_test_app)