Intercept ticket.sendReply event and add cc/bcc


I have following scenario: After an agent clicks on “send” in a reply, I want to check the response for a specific pattern and if it matches add an cc or bcc to the response before sending the message. We need this to to send a copy to a rating system.

I thought I can achieve this by intercepting the “ticket.sendReply” event (Events Methods), unfortunately the data object seems to be read-only.

Is there a way to intercept the “ticket.sendReply” event and change the data, eg. add an cc or bcc?

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Hi @nun,

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There’s an interface method available to update the CC and BCC fields of the ticket reply editor windows.
However, this cannot be applied on the fly, when the Send Reply button is already clicked and the mentioned Incercept event is triggered.

Unfortunately, there’s no event methods available to track the agent response typing before actually sending. So, the use-case is quite complex to solve without interrupting the UI flow with mandatory checks and UI blockage.