Is it possible to pass additional parameters to Identity Provider (Authorization URL)

From this article, it says

If the login URL that is configured in Security settings is, then the redirect URL would be

Is it possible to add custom parameter when the authorisation url is being called, for example, adding a ‘uid’ parameter at the end,

It is more detailed here.

Yes this is possible only if the following conditions hold true

  1. When user clicks on “mytickets”, if you are redirecting to (referred from here ), It will internally redirect to the custom policy configured at organisation dashboard (sample url is: https:///login/auth/?client_id=&redirect_uri=).

You should be using the url https:///login/auth/?client_id=&redirect_uri= on click of “mytickets” in your application.

  1. The parameter that you need to be sent can be appended to the url https:///login/auth/?client_id=&redirect_uri=&uid=123

  2. For you to get the parameter that you sent to us in point 2 in the authorisation url, the parameter needs to be whitelisted via a backend configuration. (This can be done by raising a L2 ticket with us)