Server Method Invocation Timeout

Guys, using Server Method Invocation is a great approach when we need to use node libraries or do some processing, but it’s timeout is too low, just 5 seconds!

I’ve faced many times the situation when I’ve needed to broke my code in several calls to Server Method Invocation due to the small timeout, adding too much complexity to a process that shouldn’t have!

I guess it would be nice to allow the configuration of timeout value or have a bigger value!

Server Method Invocation will be called from UI/frontend app and hence has a very less timeout. This is to ensure better user experience.

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@samuelpares Based on your experience solving different use cases, what should be the ideal timeout which would be helpful? Any followers on this thread can also add their inputs.


@Saif Minimum of 10 seconds is great or a way to configure ourselves in the SMI options payload kind of Static IP option in Client.request.

Hey guys.

As @arshath.h said, it would be great to configure by ourselves the timeout at the moment we call the SMI method. For example:

client.request.invoke('functionName', {param: 1}, timeout);


I agree with you guys, I guess that a minimum of 10 seconds would be good, but the possibility to configure it, would be better.


I agree - 10 seconds is better but the ability to configure would be even better.


Raised a related issue on a separate thread.